The precision and delicacy with which your diamond is cut will determine its brialliance, its fire and its ultimate beauty. The shape you select is a matter of individual taste and today your choice is only limited by the skill and imagination of the craftsman. The round brilliant is the most popular shape, but there is a wide variety of others that range from the more traditional marquise, pear, emerald, oval, baguette, square or heart to the more fanciful and creative.
New flower cuts for example which were introduced quite recently are beginning to grow in popularity and are a unique marriage between the cutter's art and modern technology.

The round brilliant is the most popular of all the polished diamond shapes.
The oval is an adaptation of the round brilliant and appears larger than a round stone of the same carat weight.
The marquise is the name given to the diamond shape that is long and pointed at both ends.
The heart shape is perhaps the most romantic of what are known as the fancy shapes.
The emerald cut diamond is rectangular, with oblong facets on each side and across the corners.
The pear shape is the English name for the french "pendologue" which is related to our word pendant.
The square cut also known as the Princess cut creates a bright and scintillating look.
The trillion cut is another cut that has gained a lot of popularity and can be seen in several forms of jewelry.
The radiant cut is another popular cut that is utililized in various kinds of jewelry.